The farm “Dama”, officially founded in 2015, was the dream of Marianna D’Auria, following in the footsteps of her ancestors, generations of farmers.  With great resourcefulness, tenacity and passion she decided to focus on the “lampadina” tomato, shaped like a little light bulb, grown only on the hillsides of Castellammare di Stabia, a product of unique sweetness, rigorously organic.


The Quisisana hillside, above Castellamare di Stabia (altitude173 m.) at the foot of Mount Coppola, is known for its healthy climate and view of the Gulf of Naples.

A passion for work, love of tradition and dedication to quality
is what we are about.

The D’Auria family has worked these lands since the 1800s, respecting traditions, to offer a product of excellence for quality and flavor with an unmistakable taste.


The product of excellence of the DAMA farm is the hillside tomato in two varieties: lampadina and pendolino. Our product are organic and are available raw and canned.