Who we are

A passion for work, love of tradition and dedication to quality is what we are about.

The D’Auria family has worked these lands since the 1800s, respecting traditions, to offer a product of excellence for quality and flavor with an unmistakable taste.

Our red fruit, historically grown on the Stabia hillside, has been created through the union of grandfather Carmine’s wisdom and experience, and his ancient and precious cultivation techniques, maintained by her father Leopolda. Young Marianna d’Auria, with her passion and tenacity, has perceived and transformed an ancient family tradition into a true farm where knowledge and methods of past centuries are respected.

On the heart of the Quisisana hillside we create a product of unmistakable flavor, cultivated by the knowing hands of local farmers, who, day after day, with the typical mineral waters of the Stabia subsoil and the peninsula’s sun, give life to a tomato of unique flavor.

Marianna D’Auria

Leopoldo D’Auria

Carmine D’Auria

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